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One page 5 questions questionnaire on interest in local oral history project


Shotwick Church is applying for a National Lottery Heritage Grant to start a local oral history project, to be maintained on the Church web site. We are also applying for funds to so some repairs on the external sandstone of the Church tower.

We have the kind experienced support of Backford local history group and VoxPop (Manchester) who will train us in interview techniques (face to face or ZOOM). We will be using professional archiving facilities at Liverpool John Moores University. To complete the grant we need evidence of the degree of local interest in Shotwick Church web site becoming a hub for information on oral and pictorial archives of local history covering local villages Shotwick, Puddington, Burton, Capenhurst, Ledsham,  Willaston and Saughall.

Would you answer these 5 questions and email a response to Jenny Sneddon


  1. Do you think a local oral and pictorial history project as described above a worthwhile venture (Yes/No)
  2. Would you have access to IT facilities to take advantage of stored materials on the Church web site? (Yes/No)
  3. Do you know of anyone who would be a willing participant on oral terms or in terms of having pictures scanned? (Yes/No)
  4. Would you be willing to be trained as an interviewer? (Yes/No) If yes please email your email.
  5. Any other comments in a paragraph below please.
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